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​Ahmed Lucan


Height - 5'10"
Eyes - Green

Hair - Black


Homeland                            Recurring       Showtime

Diagnosis:Dead or Alive Guest Star      Discovery Health
General Hospital                Principle         ABC

Army Wives                         Co-Star           Lifetime

Your Kid Ate What             Co-Star           The Learning Channel

Mind of Mencia                    Co-Star           Comedy Central

Attack of the Show             Co-Star          G4 TV

Eve                                         Co-Star           WB



Where's The Love?           Supporting             Dir. Trey Haley

Khazana                               Lead                         Dir. Rahul Nath

Thunder Run                       Supporting            Dir. Simon West

The Vendor                          Lead                        Dir. Rob Weimair

Ripple Effect                        Lead                        Dir. Velvet Andrews Smith

Cartoneo Y Nopalitos         Supporting           Dir. Pablo Veliz

Torture Room                      Supporting            Dir. Eric Frosberg

The Perfect Woman            Lead                       Dir. Marvel Gima

Gun Control                         Lead                        Dir. Lalo Alvarez

The Bed                               Supporting             Dir. Detdrich McClure

Robot Battle                        Supporting            Dir. John Lechago

Operation Safeguard VI     Supporting           Dir. Kristoffer Tabori

Monkey Man                        Supporting               Dir. Billy Joseph

Troubled                              Supporting                Dir. Robinson Vil


Total Recall                          ADR                         Dir. Len Wiseman

G.I. Joe Retaliation              ADR                         Dir. Jon Chu

Medal of Honor                    Pakistani Jihadist   EA Sports

The Amazing Spider Man   ADR                          Dir. Marc Webb

The Priest                            ADR                          Dir. Scott Stewart

Eat, Pray, Love                    ADR                          Dir. Ryan Murphy

The Cleaner                         Indian Man               Dir. Ryan Murphy


Road to the Altar               Guest Star                    Dir. Annie Lukowski

The Rascal                         Guest Star                    Dir. Ross Novie


Terri Vaughn                    Scene Study

Tom Ford                          Scene Study

Thomas Garner                Cold Reading

G. Charles Wright            Cold Reading/Audition Technique

Karen Armstrong             On Camera Audition Technique

Bobbi Chance                  Scene Study

Amy Lyndon                     Cold Reading


English                                Hindi

Urdu                                     Panjabi

​Gujrati                                  Some Farsi

Some Spanish                     East Indian Accent

Middle Eastern Accent       Southern Accent


Cricket                                  Soccer (Goal Keeper)

Baseball                               Basketball

Football                                Running

Swimming                            Table Tennis

Tennis                                  Horseback Riding

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